It is better once to see than a hundred times to hear. This is what we usually say about pictures or videos, or any events we’ve attended. Virtual reality is something new and way too different from ordinary videos. This incredible experience is available for iPhone owners now. Of course, you’ll need special VR headset to enjoy a trip to a completely new place and we can offer 7 best VR apps for iPhone, which can be found in App Store.

First, pick your model of VR headset. There is a big variety of types that differ in form, design and price. Some of them are with wires sticking out the back but using models without it is more convenient. Whether it would be very expensive or very cheap, VR headset and a proper app are your passes to a new reality.

Best VR Apps, iPhone, 6, 6s, 6 plus, 7, 8: travel and play

What do you prefer: traveling or gaming? VR apps give you an opportunity to visit different places and enjoy super popular games, such as “Zombie Shooter” or “End Space”. To use some of the offered apps you’ll need a viewer that has an action button, touch controllers or a gamepad. Choose one of the apps for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and others and start to explore the new virtual world.

Yes, this is not a new app but with VR headset, you can enjoy the 360-degree videos. Start a search with words “360”, “VR” or “360 videos” and you’ll spend hours exploring the catalog with gorgeous short movies. Your iOS and YouTube app should be updated to use this option properly.

vr-colloseoDo you want to see the Colosseum or visit New-York City, or just find something in your own town? Download Google Street View and travel anywhere you’ve ever dreamed. The collection is refiled all the time and by the users as well. Actually, you can also make a photo and share it with the world.

This is also a big collection of various virtual reality videos that gives an opportunity to visit places in the world, like Machu Picchu, or even some sports events. Concentrate on the icon – look at it for a few seconds – to navigate. You can pick among travel, films, and cartoons. You can see the interface of the app here.

This is The New York Times project allows seeing “pictures” to the articles in the newspaper. It helps to “feel” the travel and become a part of the story.

Virtual Reality MoonHave you ever dreamed of traveling to the Moon and back? Well, let’s be honest it is a big but unfortunately too expensive dream. App Virtual Reality Moon offers a cheaper way to explore the Moon. You’ll need an action button to move and enjoy tor trip.

Are you tired of action? Then open this app and look at the details on the photos uploaded by other users. Navigation is very simple: just look at the picture for a while.

This game will tell you the story of a micro world full of different cells and viruses. You’ll become a part of the ecosystem. This app makes science fun and interesting. The video will tell you even more.

relax-vrVR headset can be used also for relaxing. Calm down after nosy and busy day with this app listening to nature, looking at the depth of the ocean. Feel, as if you are somewhere on the beach.

This is not a complete list of VR apps for iPhone but you can start with it and then move to another one. Explore new worlds, play games and take a virtual trip to mountains or the undersea world.