Let’s be honest, we are all obsessed with our future and an idea what will it be in five or ten years. The new technologies are supposed to make our life easier and more comfortable that is why the development of innovative products is so important. However, another issue that we are always keeping in mind is money. Where to get, how to spend and which company to invest in to get extra profit? These are the basic questions that we usually ask ourselves. Taking into account the changes that happen in a modern world, it seems that blockchain technology, which has become so popular recently, might become the best opportunity for investors.

Here we offer a list of the Top Blockhain Startups to invest in. Basically, blockchain is an innovative way to store information. The ledger, package with info, is distributed, registered and stored on a great number of computers, also called nodes. This decentralized technology can be used for anything: to store information, to protect financial data and transactions as well as to collaborate with other Internet users. Some special companies do their best to develop new products, applications or other services, based on blockchain technology. So there is a chance for everyone to choose one of the Blockchain Startups to invest in.

There are a lot of opportunities to invest in this very modern technology and as a result to get a chance to leverage the offered potential. Everyone should remember that the way they invest in blockchains will mostly depend on the amount of risks they are willing to incur, as well as the type of profit they wish to get. To learn more about the ways and companies that are better to invest in, read this article.

What Blockchain Startup Is the Best to Invest in?

top-5 blockchain startups to invest in

There is one well-known blockchain platform – Bitcoin. It is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. The blockchain technology that underlies this cryptocurrency caps a number of bitcoins that can be produced and leaves the creation of new ones to “miners” who solve complex mathematical problems. Taking into account, that the creation of a new bitcoin is so slow, the currency’s value rises and falls according to the demand. So, the first type of companies you can invest in, engage in bitcoin mining, trading and exchange, developing special equipment – nodes. The next ones are considered to be leaders in this field:

  • 21 Inc. – is a relatively new company and its mission is to build the hardware infrastructure that will be perfect for the Bitcoin ecosystem to realize its full potential;
  • Coinbase – a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency, bitcoins in particular; actually it is a wallet and exchange.

blockchain startups to invest in

Some other companies offer financial instruments to protect your money, transactions and important financial data. The most popular company among them are:

  • Circle Internet Financial – a peer-to-peer payments technology company, which provides the ability to instantly purchase and sell bitcoins using either a credit card or a U.S. bank account.

To invest in blockchain-related public companies (blockchain stocks) is the same as to invest in stocks in any other industry. Those who invest in publicly traded blockchain companies today, have an opportunity to gain a stake (also known as a “share”) in a company working on blockchain technology. Pay attention to:

  • BTCS Inc. is a leader in this area, a public company that is focused on blockchain technologies; its stated line in business is the development of applications that concern blockchain databases and digital currencies. Read more about this company here.

best blockchain startups to invest in

  • Global Arena Holding Inc. is a financial holding and technology development company. It is focused on acquiring technologies, patents and companies providing an ability to leverage the blockchain crypto technology.

Blockchain technology powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but, as you can see there are other ways to invest in blockchain tech without pouring your money into these digital currencies. The financial potential of blockchain can be tremendous, and now it’s time to unveil it and make some profit on investing in one of the mentioned companies.