Video content has been uniquely popular and effective throughout 2017. With the Christmas bells already tolling in the distance, it is about time to start preparations for ushering in 2018. Will it be possible for video content to retain its popularity in the upcoming year? Or will it prove to be just a passing trend that will fizzle out with the flow of time?

If we take experts’ opinion into consideration, the video trend is here to stay for a considerable span of time. This is because, people are preferring to watch a high-quality video than reading a well-written blog or article, whatever it is about. However, there’ll be some major changes in video marketing trends 2018. These changes may include the following:

  • Video quality more relevant over quantity: With the “video first” mindset, marketers will focus more on quality than on quantity as far as video content is concerned. The entire strategy will revolve around creating engaging and high-quality content, which will also offer some value or the other to the users.
  • Make sure to provide exactly what the audience expect: While creating your video content, it is utmost important to make sure that you precisely cater to the needs of your target audience. This is one of the most effective video marketing trends that you should focus upon. Make a proper investment in creating your video. Include a top-quality profile video to introduce yourself. It is also important to create your videos in the line of corporate communication to help both your employees and the target audience learn about your brand. Share the series of your video content as much as you can online.
  • Video content has to be responsive and attuned to social media: With the introduction of smartphones, shooting videos has become easier than ever. It is important to mention here, as far as recording videos is concerned, various unconventional resolutions are now popular. For example, square video is exceptionally popular in Facebook. Try out these non-traditional approaches to make your video content more attractive for your audience.
  • Live streaming: In video content, live streaming is the current trend. This provides a new way to people to express themselves. According to expert marketing professionals, live streaming is one of the significant reasons behind why businesses will use video marketing in 2018. It is like a virtual hangout, where people, can enjoy warm, heart-to-heart conversations. Select the right tone, duration and subject of your live stream video content to successfully cater to your users’ needs.
  • 360-degree video content: 360-degree video is making a prompt comeback. This type of video content allows viewers to turn the camera direction in any direction during watching the video. Thus, this type of video content can be smartly used to promote your products and services. On the other hand, aerial cinematography proves to be an excellent approach to create video content for travel and tourism, real estate and such other sectors.
  • VR: Mr. Mahdi H Nejad from DubSEO, the premiere SEO services company in London, suggests taking the concept of 360-degree video content a step ahead by focusing on virtual reality (VR) videos. This type of videos allows viewers absolute control of the camera’s movement. Creating this category of video takes lesser time and money, apart from collecting appreciations from viewers.

Consider these upcoming aspects while investing in video content to promote your business in the coming year. May the year turn out successful and prosperous for you both in terms of business and family. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Author Bio: Sanjiv Barnwal is the author of this article and his post just for a reputed SEO company in London that offers a wide range of high-quality SEO services. In his leisure time, he writes blogs to provide readers with helpful information on how to improve SEO ranking on Google and latest video marketing trends.